Clean Energy Trade Standard


Powerex is pleased to announce its adoption of a voluntary Clean Energy Trade Standard, effective January 1, 2021. 

The new standard reflects Powerex’s commitment to transparently demonstrating that all of its clean electricity sales from the BC Hydro system represent 100% non-emitting supply, above and beyond the needs of the BC Hydro system.  With the adoption of this new standard, Powerex’s customers will have assurance that their clean wholesale electricity purchases are being provided in a manner that does not increase carbon emissions elsewhere in the western grid.  

In the coming weeks, Powerex will release a white paper describing the challenges to decarbonizing the western interconnected electricity grid in the complex wholesale market environment, and how its Clean Energy Trade Standard helps achieve this important objective.  Powerex will detail the robust framework that provides accountability for all imports and exports to and from the BC Hydro system, while also recognizing domestic generation sources and native load service—giving customers purchasing Powerex’s 100% clean supply confidence that they are contributing to regional decarbonization efforts.

Building on its extensive history as a reliable supplier of clean and renewable wholesale electricity, Powerex looks forward to serving its customers under this ambitious new voluntary standard. 




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