Supply Portfolio


Clean Supply for Our Customers

Powerex provides clean, reliable and flexible wholesale electricity products to our customers across the western electricity grid.  Our supply portfolio includes the residual system capability of the BC Hydro system, the Canadian Entitlement supply provided under the Columbia River Treaty, as well as numerous contracts for clean and renewable power resources throughout the western grid.

Effective January 1, 2021, Powerex adopted a voluntary Clean Energy Trade Standard. This new standard reflects Powerex’s commitment to transparently demonstrating that all of its clean electricity sales from the BC Hydro system represent 100% non-emitting supply, above and beyond the needs of the BC Hydro system.


BC Hydro System Capability

Powerex has contractual access to the flexibility of BC Hydro’s world-class integrated system of over 17,000 MW of generating capacity - the vast majority of it from hydroelectric and wind resources which are either owned by BC Hydro or by Independent Power Producers in B.C. with whom BC Hydro has long-term contracts. This system is interconnected with the western U.S. by two 500-kilovolt transmission lines on the West Coast between B.C. and Washington state; one 230-kilovolt line connecting B.C. and Washington on the east side; and a 500-kilovolt line to the east, connecting B.C. with Alberta.



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Clean Energy Trade Standard