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Wholesale Electricity


Powerex is a market leader in the provision of clean, reliable and flexible wholesale electricity products, delivered to our customers across the western electricity grid.  Our supply portfolio includes the residual system capability of the BC Hydro system, the Canadian Entitlement supply provided under the Columbia River Treaty, as well as numerous contracts for clean and renewable power supply.

We proudly and reliably serve our customers through the use of our extensive portfolio of long-term firm transmission rights, complemented by our ongoing procurement of shorter-term transmission rights.


What We Offer

Powerex purchases and sells a wide range of wholesale electricity products and services, including:

  • Standard firm electricity products
  • Clean electricity products
  • Qualifying renewable electricity products and the 24x7 Clean Load Service
  • Capacity products, including resource adequacy and customized capacity products
  • Ancillary Services, including spinning, non-spinning reserves, and balancing reserves
  • Transferred Frequency Response
  • Customized energy solutions, including renewable off-take as well as shaping and moving arrangements

We offer contract terms that range from a single hour to several years in duration.

We also offer a wide range of standard and custom delivery shapes, including:

  • Standard hourly and multi-hour blocks in real-time
  • Standard fixed on-peak, off-peak, flat and super-peak blocks on a daily, monthly, quarterly, yearly and multi-year basis
  • Fixed custom shapes for select hours of the day, days of the week and/or months of the year
  • Flexible customer energy deliveries that allow our customers to shape their energy deliveries as grid and market conditions evolve throughout the contract term

Powerex has a proven ability to reliably deliver our wholesale electricity products to our customers at over 80 locations across the western grid.


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